Perimeter School Presents: Singin’ in the Rain


Singin’ in the Rain

  • Perimeter Church Sanctuary
  • Thursday, October 27th 2pm & 4pm
  • Friday, October 28th 4pm & 7pm
  • Tickets: $7 at the door

Is the 141/SB Billboard Legal?

Some of you may recall our video, The Myth of the 31 Billboards…

Within the discovery of our research, the map below indicated many of the original billboard locations prohibited Billboards within their rezoning.


Fairway Package located at 141 & near State Bridge rd is indicated as one that prohibited Billboards.

We’ve obtained that parcels rezoning minutes, and this was included…

Section 1(a) of the Alternate Conditions on pages 144-145.  It states that the owner of the property agrees to restrict the use of the property to:

“retail, service commercial and/or office and accessory uses, including all exterior food and beverage service areas…, but excluding, service stations, commercial amusements, and billboards.” 

City Staff issued a building permit for the Billboard this week.

Sources: City of Johns Creek

Who’s Sending the TSPLOST Mailers?

Giant Double-Sided Mailers measuring 11″x17″ toting ‘TSPLOST facts’, were sent to Johns Creek Voters this week. Much of the information and images are from the City of Johns Creek. Even the City’s website is listed 3 times.

Does this look like official City of Johns Creek ?

Does this look like official communication from the City of Johns Creek ?

Who sent this mailer?

  • Fulton Issues Education Forum, Inc.
  • Registered by: Stefan C. Passantino (Cori Davenport retained this attorney for the Billboard Ethics Complaints).
  • Officers: Jeff Wansley & Michael Sullivan

Who are they?

Jeff Wansley is the Executive Director for Georgia Construction Aggregate Association (GCAA), primarily a foundation for highways and infrastructure construction industry. According to their website, the organization is highly engaged with GDOT, listing the GDOT board members contact info, GDOT meeting dates, events, and other regulatory & legislative information.

In GCAA September 2016 newsletter, Mr. Wansley wrote:

“GCAA is playing an important role by supporting the Fulton County TSPLOST initiative. I will be serving as chairman of the Fulton County education initiative which will be managed by the Georgia Transportation Alliance. Both the Fulton County initiative as well as the City of Atlanta opportunity are very important to our industry and we urge you to engage and educate yourself as much as possible about the various referenda.”

Georgia Construction Aggregate Association is located in Johns Creek, in an office building on Medlock Bridge Rd, (also known as Mark Burkhalter Highway) and owned by GDOT Board Member Mark Burkhalter.

Interestingly, Stefan C. Passantino, Jeff Wansley & Mark Burkhalter have all worked for former U.S. Representative Newt Gingrich at some point in their careers.

Currently, Mr. Gingrich, Mr. Passantino, & Mr. Burkhalter all work for Dentons’ Public Policy and Regulation practice.

If the TSPLOST passes, with the anticipated addition of $570 million tax dollars collected, the infrastructure construction industry will have a windfall of business and profit.

Sources: Secretary of State,,

McGinnis Ferry Rd Gets Another Billboard

Look what popped up overnight at the intersection of Bell Rd and McGinnis Ferry Rd?

Bell rd / McGinnis Ferry Rd Billboard

Bell rd / McGinnis Ferry Rd Billboard

This Billboard is a result of the settlement the City Council approved.

This new location was negotiated into the agreement.

After the cement dries, an additional pole and screens will be mounted onto the super-structure.

The overall height allowed is 65 feet, with a 48 feet wide LED sign.

Read about the settlement here…

Watch the video about the billboards here…

Old Alabama Rd – Wide Open!



80 Foot LED Billboard on 141/SB ~ Approved by GDOT

GDOT has approved the Billboard application filed by Action Outdoor, for an 80 Foot LED Double sided Billboard.

The Super-Structure is expected to have a pole as wide as 54 inches to hold up the approximate 20,000 pounds.  It is to be positioned parallel to the high transmissions lines along Medlock Bridge Rd.

It will be in view of homes in St Ives Country Club and upscale restaurants nearby such as Stoney River, Trattoria 141 & Viande Rouge. Even the rooftop restaurant of Twisted Taco will have a non-stop view of the GIANT Screen projecting commercial ads 24/7.

Many of you may recall GDOT Denying the application in July. They measured from the corner of the parcel. The Billboard company appealed, and requested the measurements be made from the remaining headstones.


The cemetery has a storied past, with neglect and desecration for many years.

Pamela Baughman, GDOT employee delineated the cemetery to the northeast corner of the parcel. Here is GDOT’s justification for approving the application, measuring 545 feet. State Law is 500 feet.


Source: GDOT

Preserve Johns Creek on the Macedonia Slave Cemetery proximity to the Billboard

Preserve Johns Creek was interviewed by WSB about the Macedonia Slave Cemetery and the nearby proposed billboard on Medlock Bridge Rd & State Bridge Rd.

View the video here…


Sponsored Post: Preserve Johns Creek ~ New Group to Protect our Residential Community

preserve_jc_1We are on the forefront of the effort to preserve Johns Creek.  So much of the traditional character of our community is slipping away.  Landmarks and historical treasures that make our town unique are threatened by high density, mismanagement and neglect.  We are committed to Johns Creek’s future, which should include the best from our past.

Your contribution to Preserve Johns Creek will enable us to fight the battles you want fought.  For example, the historic Macedonia African Methodist Church Cemetery must be preserved and protected for later generations to appreciate.  Likewise, the worst parts of modernity  – LED billboards – must be opposed.  Your contribution will fund efforts to stop the billboads.  Join us!  Help us!  Let’s make Johns Creek an even more beautiful  place than it is today.

Your contribution will fund efforts to stop the billboads.  Join us!  Help us!  Let’s make Johns Creek an even more beautiful  place than it is today.

Preserve Johns Creeks GoFund, link here…

More info can be found on the Preserve Johns Creek website, link here..

C.C Agendas for Monday, October 10th

October 10, 2016
Taylor Farms Conference Room
12000 Findley Road, Suite 300
5:00 p.m.
1. City Manager
a. Follow up on Parks Design Concepts – 30m
2. Public Works
a. Review of Local Government Lighting Project Agreement (LGLPA) with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) for State Route (SR) 120 (Kimball Bridge Road) Widening Project – 10m
b. Discussion of Final Plat and R/W Ratification and Ordinance Amendment  – 10m
c. Review of Proposed 2017 City Recreation Special Event Schedule – 20m
d. Review of MOU with Gwinnett County for McGinnis Ferry Road Improvements (3 lanes eastbound) – 10m
e. Continued Discussion of Sidewalk Prioritization –  15m
f. Discussion of Medlock Bridge and State Bridge Road Improvements – 15m
3. Community Development
a. Review of Changes to Definition of Entertainment Venue – 10m
4. City Council
a. Discussion of Facility Naming Policy -15m
b. Discussion of Public Meeting Schedule -15m
c. Discussion of TSPLOST -15m
d. Discussion of Comprehensive Land Use Plan Education Material -15m
e. Discussion of St. Ives/141 Intersection -15m
G. * FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS  (For October 24, 2016 Work Session)
1. Multi Jurisdictional Hazardous Mitigation Plan
2. Charter Task Force Recommendations
3. Review of Fulton County Water Reuse IGA

October 10, 2016
City Council Chambers
12000 Findley Road, Suite 300
7:00 p.m.
1. Consideration to Approve the September 26, 2016 Work Session Summary and Council Meeting Minutes
1. O2016-10-18 Consideration to Approve an Ordinance to Amend the FY 2017 Budget for the Replacement Vehicles
1. Presentation of TSPLOST Traffic Modeling Results
2. City Manager Monthly Report
1. ACTION ITEM – Consideration to Approve the following Parks Design Concepts
a. Cauley Creek
b. State Bridge Road Pocket Park
c. Morton Road Pocket Park
d. Bell/Boles Pocket Park
e. Technology Park Linear Park

JCHS Gladiator Football Team Gives Back

jchs-ftbl-gives-back-participants-10-1-16The Johns Creek High School Football Team, led by Head Coach Matt Kemper, and many of their parents took time off on Saturday, October 1st to give back to the community through a day of service at Autrey Mill Nature Preserve & Heritage Center.  Mary Winder, Program Director, said that the Nature Preserve is supported by volunteers and that they appreciated the hard work the 100+ participants from JCHS did to support the Preserve.

The Gladiators and their parents cleared trails, did general maintenance of the Heritage Center buildings, extracted invasive species, and set up Halloween decorations for the annual Spooky Mill fall events.

In his opening, Head Coach Matt Kemper commented that giving back to the community is an important endeavor and a way to thank our sponsors and the community at large for their support of the Football program and Johns Creek High School.

The Johns Creek High School Gladiator Varsity Team is 3-1 in conference games.  The Gladiators next game is on Friday, October 7th at Chattahoochee.

The Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Center is a 501-c3 organization that operates the preserve and historic buildings and provides environmental programming to the public.  The Preserve consists of 46 acres, with 7 historic buildings, and 2.5 miles of trails.

The annual Spooky Mill event on October 28 and 29 is an evening of family Halloween Fun with trick-or-treating in the Heritage Village, a haunted house, games and more.  For more information visit

Post contributed from the JCHS Football team.

Mixed Use Development Proposed for Old Alabama Rd & Jones Bridge Rd


Rezoning to C-1 for a mixed-use commercial development not to exceed 11,000 square feet. The proposed donut shop Drive-thru anticipates 2145 trips per day.



Planning Commission: Tuesday, October 4th, 7pm City Hall

City Council Hearing & Vote: Monday, October 11th, 7pm City Hall

48 ‘Urban Flair’ Townhouses Proposed for Parsons Rd & Medlock Bridge Rd




  • 48 Townhomes
  • 5.9 acres
  • 8 Townhomes per acre
  • ‘Providing Parkland’ size of a sandbox

Neighborhood Info Meeting: Thursday, October 6th, 7-9pm City Hall

Planning Commission: Tuesday, November 1st, 7pm City Hall

City Council Hearing & Vote: Monday, November 7th, 7pm City Hall


Source: City of Johns Creek

Providence Johns Creek: New High School Open House


Open House @ Future Campus
Sunday, October 16th,  5-7 pm
7340 McGinnis Ferry Rd


“Trash in the Sky”: A Story of a Community Blighted by an 80 foot Digital Billboard

A reader requested this video posted to share the potential impact of a digital billboard has on the nearby residents.

With Johns Creek being a “Premier Residential Community”, every nook and cranny of the City has a subdivision nearby.

Neighbors, would this signage bother you near your house?

Old Alabama Rd Update: Another Change Order…

Old Alabama Rd Construction was suspended last month, and the residents are waiting for the contractor CW Matthews to be back on site.

GDOT needed to do a change order to eliminate the left turn lane into the Atlanta Athletic Club parcel. It defeated the purpose of the construction project as it limits the 2 stacking left turn lanes onto SR141 north.

A resolution was signed late Monday. It is unknown at this point how much are the costs incurred for the change order. Drawings and Studies are needed prior to construction resuming.



The constant theme in Johns Creek is poor planning and foresight.

Atlanta Regional Commission reported, GDOT received federal funds $3,254,071 in FY 2015 for this project.

The originally cost in 2007, $2,368,833.

Current cost, $9,499,697.

According to GDOT, the project is scheduled to be completed in May of ’17, however our contractor has committed to be complete by the end of this calendar year. That is of course, without any further unexpected issues.

Read Prior Posts here:
Old Alabama Rd – Redo’s and Modifications

The Old Alabama Rd Construction Plans are here…

Old Alabama Rd Construction to Torment Residents for Next 13 months

Shakerag Town Hall: With Councilmembers Stephanie Endres & Lenny Zaprowski

Town Hall with Councilmembers Lenny & Steph; Oct 6th 6:30-8:30pm

City of Johns Creek Online Checkbook

Every wonder where all the tax dollars go since becoming the City of Johns Creek?

A total of $380 million (so far!) has been spent in the past ten years, and finally the Residents can see how that is spent, through the online checkbook.

Here is the link.

2 tips. Clink on the ‘Year’, and tap ‘All Years’, to see the historical spending.

Use the search box, it has a handy drop down tool. (1 note: not all expenses are listed within, and could be under P-Cards, etc)

Lots of interesting expenses, such as:

  • $2200 Amphitheater Dedication sign
  • $1074 for ‘Egg Hunt’ signs
  • $13,720 Coca-Cola products
  • $523,377 Housing Stipends
  • $131,130 Gym Memberships
  • +++ More!

The most STAGGERING Cost is to Ch2M Hill & their various name delineations (Ch2M Hill Engineers, Inc…etc)

$90,137,946 (Update: This # includes expenses & vendors, to get a true cost of CH2M, a full independent audit would be needed)

This company has NEVER been put out to REBID.

Leave any interesting finds in the comments!

Burkhalter Amphitheater?

Rumblings from residents in attendance at City Hall hear the Newtown Amphitheater is to be dedicated and renamed “Burkhalter Amphitheater” Saturday, Sept 24th.

No mention was made during the council meeting Monday night, in the agenda packet, or on any previous agenda.

Last time this subject was raised, was during a discussion a few years ago when Brad Raffensberger was on Council. He suggested the amphitheater be renamed to honor Veterans and in conjunction with the wonderful memorial nearby. That idea was squashed by Mayor Bodker immediately.

It does not appear there was a proclamation or resolution voted on by the council to approve of the renaming of the amphitheater.

These stealth-like decisions are not unusual for our city leadership. It is doubtful, something of this caliber would be considered in ‘executive sessions’.

Other municipalities have transparent protocols for renaming and dedicating public buildings and facilities. A common method is a contest and vote for the public to participate.

Typically, dedications are to keep the memory of a community figure, or hero ‘alive’, after they have passed away, to honor their contributions.

Johns Creek is the exception.

Less than 6 months ago, a stretch of State Road 141 (Medlock Bridge Rd) was renamed the ‘Mark Burkhalter Highway”.

Mr. Burkhalter was the State Rep for the area 10 years ago and is highly thought of as the force behind the creation of our Cityhood. Mr. Burkhalter is currently the area board member for GDOT.

C.C Agendas for Sept 19th 2016

September 19, 2016
Taylor Farms Conference Room
12000 Findley Road, Suite 300
5:00 p.m.


1. Mayor and Council
a. Continued Discussion on FY2017 Budget

The Myth of 31 Billboards: How Our City Council Takes Credit for Saving us From Imaginary Billboards

A brief review of the Billboard debacle from FOIA documents.

Must Watch Video… (double click video to enlarge)

Links to Documents listed in the References:

Map of 31 “Vested” Billboard Locations

Supreme Court of Georgia Billboard Ruling

The map of 17 locations without Fulton County existing rezoning
conditions that would prohibit the installation of the billboard

Billboard Settlement Agreement

Billboard Settlement Map

Post of the Status Regarding most recent Billboard applications:

2 Billboards Hit Roadblocks: 1 Taken Down

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